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Year of the pig

Chinese astrology was originally used in ancient times, and was used as a traditional fortune telling system. It refers to reading a person’s destiny based on their birth details (day, month, year, and even the time of day you were born). When you were born there were certain elements that were more present at that time, either fire, earth, metal, water or wood.

The way the elements interacted with each other, then determines different aspects of your health, personality, relationships, and future predictions. Understanding what your strengths and weaknesses that are in your constitution, allows you to be more aware of what is coming up for the year ahead.

Tuesday 5thFebruary 2019, is New Year’s Day and the Year of the Yin Earth Pig begins. Yin and Pigs are both water elements, and are energies that like peace and harmony on the surface, however as it is also a year of the Earth, there will be a lot of conflicts summering and mistrust around governments. In yin water years it is also predicted that it will be a very wet year, with more floods, snow storms, landslides, earthquakes, and major storms such as cyclones occurring during this year.

Year of the pig will include a lot more travelling, whether that means house, jobs, or for leisure. People born in the year of the pig or snake need to be cautious about travelling over water whether via aeroplane or boat, and need to carry a jade tiger with them.

Water in Chinese medicine represents the emotion of fear, therefore this upcoming year will see a lot of fear and concern about the unknown, and lack of optimism especially in regards to economics during the second half of the year.

In regards to health, there will be issues with the earth energy which is represented as the digestion, therefore you need to keep your digestion strong to ward off disease or imbalances in the body. Other areas to watch are blood circulation, insulin levels, heart issues, fertility, kidney, or bone related issues such as arthritis.

For people born in the year of the horse, tiger, rabbit, or goat is will be a more harmonious year for you.


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