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Stop calling it a diet

Simple tips to weight management

Does it feel like you are on the same vicious weight loss regime? You work hard to lose the excess weight until you reach your goal, then fast forward a couple of months later and you are either back where you started or even worse added some additional sneaky kilos.

Here are some simple to follow tricks to for long lasting weight management.

Stop calling it a diet

The moment you all it a diet it changes the way you view your eating habits and how you will structure your meals for the short term. Diet has such negative connotations attach to it. What you are doing is making a permanent lifestyle change, and with that how you change your food intake needs to work for you in the long term.

Which meal plan is right for you?

Vegan, paleo, vegetarian, clean eating, FODMAP, quitting sugar, raw food, 5:2 intermittent fasting, the options are endless. There is such a big focus lately on all the different types of meal plans to follow, that it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. It’s about trying different food plans, and seeing which foods agree with your body. After eating a meal, closely monitor how do you feel, do you bloat, feel gassy, do you experience reflux or indigestion? Do you need to run to the bathroom? Cramping? Feel like you are going into a food coma? Or do you feel energised? Do you sleep better at night? Sometime keeping a food diary and recording how you feel after meal, can give you great insight into what foods work well for your body.


Spend time preparing your shopping list and planning out your weekly meals. This will help you be more organised during the week, as well as spend less money on foods that are not adding great amount of nutritional value to your body. Also plan out your snacks, it will stop you from caving into your cravings and reaching for anything that will give you only short term satisfaction.


Meat, fruit, vegetables, and liquids are usually stocked around the 4 outside walls of a supermarket, so aim to spend 80% of your grocery bill on these items. Stick to your shopping list, and don’t go shopping on an empty stomach.

How many colours have you eaten today?

Eating fruit and vegetables from a variety of colours will provide your body with a range of different nutritional benefits which are essential for optimal health, and they help you feel fuller for longer. Your plate should be at least 50% full in a variety of vegetables.


People should be drinking between 1.5- 2 litres of room temperature water a day. This varies based on the weather (drinking more in summer), and whether you have engaged in some exercise. To keep hydrated, keep a glass next to your desk at work, and sip on your water throughout the day. Sometimes we mistake hunger signs for dehydration, so before grabbing a snack, grab your water bottle instead.

What about exercise

The type of exercise and when to exercise is unique to your situation. Whether you are a morning person and feel that you are more energised for the rest of the day, or you use exercise as a de-stressor at the end of a hectic day, it doesn’t matter as long as you get some exercise in everyday. Also mix it up between high intensity and low intensity exercises, but always listen to your body and how it feels during and after a session. Never push your body too far that you start seeing regular injuries, or it completely exhausts you. There are so many different types of exercise that are available to you which include; walking, yoga, tai chi, Pilates, cardio, weight lifting, running, cycling and much more.

Mindful eating

Never eat while standing up, distracted, watching TV, on the phone, or on the run. When you sit down and pay attention to each mouthful and listen to your body about when its three quarters full, then you can stop. Having a calm digestion during and after food, helps it be more effective in its digestion, and will reduce the chances of bloating, reflux, and stomach cramps.

Stay away from the scales

The scales can lie! Especially if you are beginning to build muscle (which is heavier) than fat, so keep track of your weight loss by how your regular clothes are feeling. Does your favourite pair of jeans feel slightly looser and easier to zip up?


Recently there has been a focus on encouraging people to eat the same foods their ancestors ate. This is due to the unique gut bacterium that has been passed on from generation to generation. Therefore, if your ancestry is from a cold climate (like Scandinavia), eating lots of raw tropical fruits may not sit well in your digestion. Again, keep a food diary and note how you feel after each meal.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

We all have a tendency to slip up and have some chocolate from time to time, no point in stressing about it just get back to the foods you know will benefit your body best. Balance is the best way for long term weight loss and consistency.

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