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Why digestion is key to a healthy life

Digestion has always been seen as one of the key ways to improve health and wellbeing. If your digestion is out of whack, your whole body suffers.

Regarding Traditional Chinese Medicine, the stomach’s job is to use its digestive fire to help break down foods. Food enters this big cauldron and is cooked down to make it easier to digest for the rest of the body. However, eating too many raw and cold food and drinks, can put out this fire due to their cold nature, as well as taking a lot more energy to break those foods down, and that is when the digestion struggles, and your energy drops, and you feel sluggish after a meal.

Balance is always the key, and understanding what works for you and your body, is the foundations of having a good digestion.

So, what foods should you eat? Well, the answer is not simple, as it is different for each person.

I spend a lot of time asking lots of questions to understand how each unique person’s body works, this then allows me to adapt your diet to suit you, and what you are currently struggling with.

Diets also needed to be flexible and adaptable for the changing seasons, and different things your body is going through. For example, if it is winter, I would ensure my patients are eating lots of slow cooked, warmed foods, and definitely no salads!

Want to know more, read my other blog about helpful tips on how to reduce bloating.

Dr Karolina x


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