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Understanding when you are ovulating or pregnant based on your BBT chart

Firstly, what is a BBT chart?

BBT stands for Body Basal Temperature.

Your BBT is the temperature you take when your body is at a complete rest after a good night's sleep. Throughout the month your BBT will change depending on several factors, including your hormones. It is the lowest measurement of the body’s temperature and used as a baseline.

Why is it so important?

A BBT chart can tell you so much about what is happening inside your body.

For example, it can show if you haven’t ovulated that month, how stress, lack of sleep, or illness impacts your body, or what is happening with your hormones.

BBT charting can be used to help women fall pregnant based on when you ovulate, or if you want to know when your period is due that month.

Here is an example of an ideal BBT chart for pregnancy.

Here are some other examples of not-so-great charts.

To read these charts in detail, it takes years of training and experience, especially when looking for sometimes not so subtle clues in women’s charts.

If either you have been trying to get pregnant, or want a better understand what is happening within your body, book in appointment. I can either show you how to track your own BBT charts, and read when you are ovulating or if you are not ovulating at all. These charts can sometimes be tricky to understand, so if you have a few months worth of charts, when you book an appointment email me your BBT and we can go through it together.

I offer both in person and Telehealth appointments. After attending your first Telehealth appointment you will receive my FREE ebook on 'Tracking your BBT chart' which includes information on food, lifestyle and supplement advice to assist you on the way to your fertility goals.


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