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Which 5 element are you, and how does it impact your health? Take the quiz.

The Chinese believe that there are five seasons in the year (not four), which have five different energies, personalities, strengths, and weaknesses for each season. These five energies or elements are utilised as part of Chinese medicine; Fire, Wood, Earth, Metal, and Water, and it is believed that each person has all these five energies, however there is a dominate energy within themselves.

Good health is considered when all five elements are in balance with each other. Each element has unique qualities, strengths, and weaknesses, and presents themselves differently throughout the seasons of the year.

In modern treatments, the five elements can be used in varying ways. It can assist in understanding a person’s constitutional strengths and weaknesses, and in diagnosing and treating people. People strongly associate themselves with one of the elements, which can provide insights into their personality, health, and spirit.

They each stand alone, but a vital to influence, promote, and provide support for the other elements. If things are in harmony, the five elements will assist in promoting development, however when out of balance they can overact and become hostile towards each other which shows up as symptoms.

Take the quiz to find out your dominant element.

Want to know more, book in an appointment and we can discuss how your dominant element may be impacting your health, and ways to overcome it.

5 elements
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