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Which tea is best for me?

In the east, tea is seen as a way to good and long health. It is drank daily for its health benefits that have been celebrated for many generations. However not all teas are the same, from white tea, green tea, chamomile to rosehip tea, they all have their own health benefits and act on the body in different ways. In traditional Chinese medicine, food is seen as medicine, and tea has been used in this way for centuries.

So which tea is best for you? Originally green tea was the used to treat heat issues, as it was seen to have a cooling effect on the body. However, as the different blends of teas have been created, there are a variety of teas used for different conditions and drank at different times of the year. We now know that green tea is a potent anti-oxidant, may help with weight loss, helps with boosting your immune system, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, and reduces inflammation. However in Chinese medicine green as well as peppermint tea is seen to be cold in nature (even after it has been in hot water), so thy can cause stomach irritations for people with weak digestions, but are great in hot weather, and green tea should be consumed during spring time, for its detox and cleansing properties.

Chamomile tea is also in the cooling category, however it also has a drying effect. So if you suffer from dry skin, it may not be the best pick for you. It is used to relax the mind and soul, so if you cannot sleep, try some chamomile tea.

Black tea is best to be drank during the winter time, as it is believed to have warming properties, and goes to the kidney organ energy. Black tea is better for people with weaker digestions, abdominal bloating or stomach cramps, and should be avoided by people that run hot, short tempered, and agitated.

Finally one of my favourites is chrysanthemum tea. I love to recommend this tea to use during spring time when people are suffering from hay fever. If a person is suffering from sore, red and itchy eyes either due to hay fever or other allergies, they are advised to drink this tea to clear the heat.

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