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I love Spring, but don't love Hay Fever

It feels like hay fever is really bad this year.

Everyone I know is complaining about the signs and symptoms of hay fever, and want a quick fix on how to treat it.

But the answer isn't that simple.

Yes, you can reach for the anti-histamines and pop a pill every day to temporarily relieve the symptoms of hay fever, but would you not rather fix the root cause of the problem and get it resolved so it doesn't take over your life.

From a Chinese medicine view, it tells me that there is a disharmony in your body. When your body is not working as efficiently as it should, these small signs and symptoms are ways to tell us that there are bigger issues going on the inside.

So how do you fix the root problem?

Firstly, there are different reasons why each person suffers from hay fever, which is why your Chinese medicine practitioner spends so long with you on an initial appointment asking lots of questions. Once they have figured out what is happening, there are a range of techniques that may be applied to bring your body back into harmony, these may include; acupuncture, cupping, Chinese herbs, diet changes, and exercise suggestions.

Enjoy the warmth, colours and all that spring has to offer.

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