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Are you trying to conceive a baby? Have you struggled to conceive in the past 12 months?


Or maybe you are falling pregnant easily but struggling to hold a pregnancy?


Have you been diagnosed with fertility issues?


Having a baby isn’t as straight forward or easy for some women. The journey can take a little longer and may need some further assistance to get you there.


There are many reasons for not falling pregnant or holding a pregnancy, and unfortunately fertility issues impact 1 in 6 couples currently in Australia, who struggle to fall pregnant after 12 months of trying with unprotected sex.


Understanding female infertility

There are many factors that could be impacting a woman’s chances of getting pregnant, which could include;

  • Hormonal imbalances (low AMH, high FSH, low progesterone, PCOS)

  • Structural issues such as blocked fallopian tubes, fibroids, polyps, or endo

  • Autoimmune issues (Thyroid disorders, NK cells)

  • Ageing (Low egg reserves, irregular periods, early perimenopause)


Understanding male infertility

Men’s fertility has been ignored and underrepresented for far too long, which is strange since men’s sperm contribute 50% of the DNA to make an embryo.

It is just as important for men to be fit and healthy as their female partner when beginning to try for a baby. 


Male infertility is becoming more known and discussed now, as we are seeing men’s sperm numbers decreasing rapidly over the past couple of decades.

Such factors are due to:

  • Stress

  • Genetics

  • Infections

  • Structural issues

  • Other health issues

  • Nutritional deficiencies

  • Lack of rest and sleep


Sperm results are showing a decline in sperms’ overall shape, the amount of sperm being produced size, and the direction the sperm are swimming in (not always facing forwards). 



Why people work with me

  • They have been trying to conceive for over 6 months, or

  • Suffered with multiple miscarriages, or

  • Diagnosed with a known fertility issue such as; PCOS, high FSH, unexplained, male factor, hormone imbalance, endometriosis


In TCM we look at the body differently and the reasons why you are having fertility issues, conditions such as kidney deficiency, blood or qi (energy) deficiency or stagnation, liver qi stagnation, dampness, Spleen qi deficiency, yang deficiency, cold uterus, or imbalance between yin and yang to name a few.


These are specific TCM terms that are used in the context of treatment and differ from western explanations.


In TCM I spend time looking at the whole body to find your unique imbalances that create disharmony within the mind, body, and spirit. I then work on your disharmonies either via acupuncture, lifestyle changes, nutrition and diet, and Chinese herbal formulas.


How acupuncture works?

It increases the blood flow in the local area. For fertility we specifically focus on increasing blood blow to the uterus, ovaries, egg, and testes to name a few.


Structure of the program

Fertility program consists of weekly treatments, herbs, and supplements if required.


How long will I need acupuncture?

Everyone is unique and so is their current situation, so I cannot predict how long it will take for you.


As I am working on your body’s natural healing processes, it takes time to re-balance your hormones, and work on your disharmonies. This is especially true if you have been living a stressful and unhealthy lifestyle for many years, it can take a toll on our bodies.


Each month you should start to notice changes to your periods. They may become more regular, pain free, a smooth flow, and does not cause any discomfort or emotional distress.


Your goal isn’t just to fall pregnant but to have a healthy and happy pregnancy and baby. It takes time working on the foundations of good health.


For bookings I usually book patients in 6-12 months in advance. That doesn’t mean it will take that long, however many of my patients prefer to know that they can have the same set appointment on a particular set day and time. 



What’s included when you book in for a fertility-based treatment?

  • Prior to your appointment you need to complete an online 10+ page initial health assessment form, and all tests’ results emailed through

  • Further health assessment will be completed face to face, where we discuss your current health concerns

  • We will also discuss menstrual cycles, how to complete a BBT chart for each part of your monthly cycle, knowing exactly when the windows of opportunity are for you to get pregnant, and understanding your body’s signs of fertility.

  • Recommendations of lifestyle and food advice

  • Weekly acupuncture treatments

  • Chinese medicine formulas

  • Supplements


Men’s health

Fertility based treatments may also need to focus on men’s health as well.


Acupuncture sessions, lifestyle changes, supplements, and herbs, whilst also getting a sperm analysis to help understand men’s health. 


If this is what you have been thinking about doing and wanting to focus on getting you ready for pregnancy and beyond, book in a time with me via LINK.


Fertility acupuncture works on the physiological effect of acupuncture on the body’s qi (energy) to help re-balance disharmonies within the body and allow a smoother transition throughout the month.


Based on the Sunshine Coast, servicing people from Curriumundi, Caloundra, Caloundra West, Baringa, Moffat Beach, Dicky Beach, Kawana, Bokarina, Budding Maroochydore, and Mooloolaba. 


If you wish to discuss how I may be able to assist you, for your convenience you can book online. 



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