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Dr Karolina Cass

(Chinese Medicine)


Sacred Point Acupuncture was founded by Dr Karolina Cass. I was diagnosed with IBS in my 20's, and tried everything to get my health back. No medications or surgical procedures worked for me. Out of desperation I went and saw a Chinese medicine practitioner for a shoulder problem, however he knew immediately that I had bigger issues. Within a few sessions, my IBS symptoms had settled down, and I was able to introduce more foods into my diet. This lead me on my journey to become a Chinese medicine practitioner so that I could help others.

I have a keen interest and focus in all areas of hormonal health especially helping women with peri and post menopausal symptoms. My aim is to assist my patients in getting back their health to a state where they can live the life they always wanted. Whether the goal is physical, emotional, or spiritual, I'm here to help you. I will provide you with the best care in the most effective, professional and caring way.

I hold two degrees in Bachelor Degree in Health (Acupuncture) and a Bachelor Degree of Science (Psychology), which helps me utilise my knowledge and experience in working with people from both a Eastern and Western medicine point of view, as well as my keen interest in the mind/ body connection.

I will spend time listening to you to help explore solutions in helping bring harmony back into the body, mind and soul. I truly want to find the root cause of your problems, and to explore all avenues to help you.

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