Easing of restrictions

Thank you for everyone's patience during this difficult time, while we waited for our normal operations to begin again.

As of Saturday 3rd October 2020, Sacred Point Acupuncture will be opening the clinic, however there are some restrictions based on DHHS clear directives.

Here are some outlines of the restrictions, if you believe you fall under the following please contact me to discuss further to discuss a possible treatment:

* the treatment will prevent a significant deterioration in functional independence which will require an escalation in care needs ( such as more frequency of treatments or significant increase in pain)

* if further delay in care will result in deterioration 

* or require essential pre-operative or post-operative elective surgery care

Please contact me on 0401 553 782 for an appointment.

As of 28th October 2020, we have been advised that the clinic will be open to all other patients.

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