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Free e-books

I believe that healthy living starts in the home, changing the foods you eat, sleep patterns, emotions and self care routines. This is why I created some free e-books for you to do at home, in between your acupuncture treatments, herbal tonics and supplements. No need for you to sign up for these ones, just click on the image to access my gift to you.

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Eating the Chinese medicine way


Chinese dietary therapy was always seen as the foundations to good health in ancient Chinese times. The Chinese would often alter their diets depending on the season, where they lived, depending on how they were feeling, and current health concerns. In Chinese medicine it is believed that post-natal qi (energy) comes from the food we eat and digest, as well as the air we breathe, therefore any acupuncture or Chinese herbal therapy that you receive from a practitioner can only work effectively if you have a good dietary foundation to support your treatments, otherwise you undo all your practitioners hard work. Foods are therefore used everyday to help rebalance the body, and ensure there isn’t any disharmony or disease.

The guide below provides you with general information on how the ancient Chinese viewed foods as medicine, which organs they treated, how the foods worked energetically on the body, and what season to eat certain foods in.

Click on the image for a FREE copy.

*Be patient as it is a big document to download.

Food Spread
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