Free e-books

I believe that healthy living starts in the home, changing the foods you eat, sleep patterns, emotions and self care routines. This is why I created some free e-books for you to do at home, in between your acupuncture treatments, herbal tonics and supplements. No need for you to sign up for these ones, just click on the image to access my gift to you.

Ten common acupressure points to do at home

As most of patients know, I believe in educating people about Chinese medicine practices, what I am doing in the clinic rooms, and how my patients can continue to maintain their health when they are not seeing me. This lead me to begin writing down some of the advice and education I provide to others, so I can share it with everyone. This e-book focuses on acupressure points that everyone can do at home. The points I have chosen are used regularly in my clinic, and I have provided a simple explanation about what each point does. 

Click on the link below to access this free e-book.

Top 5 meals for autumn


To help with the seasonal transition from late summer to cooler months of autumn, it is time to change the foods we eat, the type of exercise we do, and focus on getting more rest.  To help with this transition I have provided 5 meals that I believe are beneficial during autumn.

Click on the link below to access this free e-book.

Top 5 meals - eBook.png