Ten common acupressure points to do at home

As most of patients know, I believe in educating people about Chinese medicine practices, what I am doing in the clinic rooms, and how my patients can continue to maintain their health when they are not seeing me. This lead me to begin writing down some of the advice and education I provide to others, so I can share it with everyone. My first e-book is focusing on acupressure points that everyone can do at home. The points I have chosen are used regularly in my clinic, and I have provided a simple explanation about what each point does. My e-book is simple and easy to follow, to allow you to massage some common acupressure points.

Click on the link below to access this free e-book.

If you wanted to know more about these points or how we Chinese medicine practitioners use them in the clinic, please feel free to contact me. This e-book's intention is only for general advice of what our points do, and cannot go into complete detail in regards to the complexity of each point, and how it is used in combination with others.

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