Yes trying to be healthy can be expensive, when you add up supplements, herbs, water filers, appointments it can get very overwhelming, but as the saying goes ;the best things in life are free.' The following 'free wellness' advice tips are ones I give to my patients over and over again. They are simple and practical things that anyone can do, and can easily be incorporated into your daily wellness routine. These top 10 easy changes can make a huge difference to how you feel without costing you too much.

1. Sleep. You cannot expect to feel great and look well if you are either not getting enough sleep, or not having great quality sleep. Lack of sleep has b...


Recently I have been seeing more and more women come into my clinic being diagnosed with autoimmune diseases (AID). Research is showing that the diagnosis of AID is on the increase in our society, however we do not really know why. It is assumed that dietary, lifestyle, our environment, stress, and lack of sleep are some of the reasons why. AID causes damage to tissues and organs throughout the body. It can impact hormones, digestion, skin, immunity, fertility, energy levels, and mood.

So what is AID? AID are a range of diseases where the body's immune system mistakenly attacks its own body. Normally our body's immune system helps us identify and fight aga...

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